It is rare to find a business partner who is selfless. If you are lucky, it happens once in a lifetime.
Michael Eisner, Businessman, Chief Executive of the Walt Disney Company

18 years ago today, in 1997, the journey of MGA began in a small Phoenix apartment with two friends turned business partners. While the scope and size of the company has changed over time, one thing has remained constant – the commitment to go above and beyond for those in the communities MGA serves.

The idea of going above and beyond is ingrained in the minds of the men who started MGA by hand-delivering tools and work boots to employees in the technical field – the same men who have never required an office despite how large MGA has grown. Each morning you can be sure to receive a hug and a smile. Have a question for either one? You need only look to the “pit” where David Zowine and Charles Johnson can be found seated among their employees reveling in the family culture they have nurtured. (See MGA 2014 Sales Conference: Go-Givers”)

Over time, the company culture has become so deeply rooted that it has subtly taken hold of the physical foundation that our employees call home. Personal touches such as the Corporate Tribute Walls pay homage to the beloved patients MGA has lost over the years. Training rooms are decorated with beds and dressers to mimic a home-like setting. Doors remain open, cubicles frowned upon. Rec rooms, kitchens and other common spaces are secondary to the large communal feel of the office itself. When the lights go out for the weekend, you will often find MGA-clad employees out in their communities walking, golfing, fundraising, sponsoring, crafting, volunteering. For many it is clear that what began as a job, has become a purpose – a means to enrich their own lives backed by the two selfless men who paved the path. As Zowine once said, “It’s not about the race, but the journey that took you there.”

On behalf of all MGA employees, we say THANK YOU for the journey! Cheers to 18 years and 100 more!